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Sales of theatrical clothes and disguises (jabot shirts with or without lace, cape, hats, wigs and Venetian masks, vests and old trousers) for all public, weddings, fancy dress, costumers, and public spectacles.

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The Bowler hat : previously accessory nearly official of the financiers of The City. He/it has been carried regularly to the active movies of" Laurel and Hardy" while passing by" Mechanical Orange" without forgetting Charlot that is one of the most known. And well on the set on TV" Hat melon and boot of leather ". Today, practically forsaken by the men he/it makes the happiness of the girls that doesn't hesitate to carry it carelessly behind. Hat Melon made of felt available wool on stock in black.
The adventures of two agents of the British Secret Services: hat melon for John Steed, and boots of leather for Emma Peel. A duet little plain, that must foil diabolic plans and solved difficult enigmas.
My critique will be short and concise: Hat melon and Boots of leather are simply the best of all sets TV.
A hat melon or melon is a rigid and rounded felt hat.
The melon, accompanied with a tidy mustache and a costume three pieces, was between 1890 and 1920 the absolute symbol of the respectability. It was also a symbol of social mobility, sought-after by those that wished to improve their situation. The men leave with the hat melon, and don the cutaway and the n.ud butterfly.
In France nowadays, Diane-Hermes' Price in Chantilly is a worldly appointment where the men carry hat melon, gibus and tophats and the women raise the most spectacular headgears.
To Peru, a lot of Indian women wear the hat melon. To Burundi, Hat melon is the name of a creek.
The hat melon is an important accessory for a lot of characters who often show evidence of fantasy, of humor and of absurd, everything in a climate of fantastic or of police investigations.
Hat melon and boots of leather - To kingdom of the imaginary. This work, written by Didier Liardet, is in a certain manner the Bible of the fans in the sense where it is about the most complete survey on the set since his/her/its beginning. The book spreads of the roots of the phenomenon until his/her/its film adaptation, Hat Melon And Boots Of Leather, The Movie. The author didn't skimp on the illustrations and surrounded itself of actress Honor Blackman alias Cathy Gales assigned to write the preface. This last confides in exclusive rights his/her/its memories through unpublished anecdotes concerning his/her/its character and the filming of the set Hat melon and boots of leather.

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