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Sales of theatrical clothes and disguises (jabot shirts with or without lace, cape, hats, wigs and Venetian masks, vests and old trousers) for all public, weddings, fancy dress, costumers, and public spectacles.

Also discover on our website all personal achievements, available from stock in our warehouse in Paris.

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MANTLE. n. f. Garment of over ample and without sleeves.
Fig., Haggard To the mantle and the sword only, said itself ounce of has Gentleman, of has cadet of good house who haggard didn't has good.
Comedy of mantle and sword, Novel of mantle and sword, Comedy, novel whose characters are heroes however recall the heroes of forming knighthood.
Fig., To laugh discreetly, Feel to has shrewd satisfaction, that one sorts out to conceal.
Hey / it also himself / itself says of has Cover of head whose women uses in some provinces against wind and rain. Mantle of taffeta. Mantle of oilcloth. To leave in mantle.
In terms Navy of, hey / it himself / itself says of the Situation of has building that has the rod of the rudder downwind and that canned food only very few veils, in order present to the side and more to make road. To was able to the mantle. To be to the mantle. To building that holds the mantle is has share without wake and drift.

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