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hats_tricornes_3_three_angles_ratings_sides !
hats_tricornes_3_three_angles_ratings_sides !
hats_tricornes_3_three_angles_ratings_sides !

Sales of theatrical clothes and disguises (jabot shirts with or without lace, cape, hats, wigs and Venetian masks, vests and old trousers) for all public, weddings, fancy dress, costumers, and public spectacles.

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Example of tricorne
The tricorne is a hat very in vogue in the XVIIIe century, of triangular shape to sides folded on the skullcap in three horns, from where his/her/its three-horned hat nickname.
He/it appeared toward 1690. These are the soldiers who spilled the use of it: the hats to large sides that they used tended to subside, it is why they had the idea to carry up the sides while pinning them to clear itself/themselves the view. He/it will be abandoned in the years 1770 for the bicorne because the wigs reached a size so voluminous that the tricorne didn't hold there more, the bicorne presenting the advantage to be nearly flat on a side and to hold to the hand or stuck under the arm.
He/it can be accessorized with rare feathers (ostrich), a ribbon, etc. He/it nearly carried exclusively itself in hat of city, holding to the hand in order to not décoiffer the wig.
In Spain, the minister of the justice the marquis of Esquilache, tried in March 1766, to return the port of the obligatory tricorne, because the sombrero redondo and the big mantle permitted to conceal the face
If the side of the tricorne is small, one speaks of hat lantern or lantern

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