hats_clothes_jackets_frock_coats_vests_pants_shirts_time_gets_worse !
hats_clothes_jackets_frock_coats_vests_pants_shirts_time_gets_worse !
hats_clothes_jackets_frock_coats_vests_pants_shirts_time_gets_worse !
hats_clothes_jackets_frock_coats_vests_pants_shirts_time_gets_worse !

Sales of theatrical clothes and disguises (jabot shirts with or without lace, cape, hats, wigs and Venetian masks, vests and old trousers) for all public, weddings, fancy dress, costumers, and public spectacles.

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The frock coat. the frock coat to five buttons as perfectly suits the other men of the assembly. The trousers is not necessarily identical but remains assorted. The frock coat carries itself on a white or colorful shirt, always united and accessorized by a voluminous lavaliere.
Today, the creators like proposing some collections a few more tendency, in matters, the motives and the colors.
Jacket chic and original of the bridegroom, Cleft to the rear, she/it descends until the middle of the legs, or even until the knees.
Those that are attached to the traditions won't forget to wear the hat tophat, on the head or to the hand. The tux. Before being considered as the bridegroom's holding, the tux takes its letters of nobility in the holding of evening. He/it declines himself/itself in two colors: white or black. The black tux is worn imperatively with a n.ud assorted butterfly and a white shirt to broken collar.
The proof is some: the pop stars and the musicians especially appreciate it on stage.
The white tux, just as chic, the n.ud butterfly is assorted and the black shirt. The cutaway. It is about a long jacket of ceremony to rounded flaps, carried on an assorted trousers. Underneath, prefer a white shirt to broken collar and a large tie to make take out again holding. The witnesses, father and father-in-law adore some. In the case of course where your marriage takes a traditional pace. The tail-coat. This very long jacket is worn for big opportunities. Not question to cross it at the time of one evening less prim ". Crotchet of preference, she/it is perfectly assorted to the right trousers. Over the shirt, half note, classic die-hard to broken collar, a vest a half tone above or below the jacket.
to go to work or on the occasion of happy events.
Bridegroom's costume presents itself under several shapes and several cuts.
The hat tophat imposes itself as the shoes derby to pointed tips.
The trousers also takes several shapes, cigarette, right or to clamps.
The costume. To every man to crack for one or the other version that will suit him marvellously.
The costume is the easiest holding to use
The costume takes different shapes and corresponds to several types: the classic, extravagant men or a few dandies will have marveled.
He/it is constituted of a jacket to one or several buttons, range crossing either right.
According to the seasons, prefer some matters to others: cotton and linen for the summer, wool and synthetic if he/it is colder. He/it should continue to carry you luck. The frock coat. Original jacket of the bridegroom
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