frock_coats_for_marriage !
frock_coats_for_marriage !
frock_coats_for_marriage !
frock_coats_for_marriage !

Sales of theatrical clothes and disguises (jabot shirts with or without lace, cape, hats, wigs and Venetian masks, vests and old trousers) for all public, weddings, fancy dress, costumers, and public spectacles.

Also discover on our website all personal achievements, available from stock in our warehouse in Paris.

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The clothes, dresses of ceremony and vest tail coats and coattail to order Fred & Alfred is prepared exclusively in France; cloths come from manufacturer European, Italian, English and French.
What finishes?
For your dresses of ceremony and vests tail coats and coattail, Fred & Alfred makes you benefit from the following finishes :
Choice of the understudy and the interior pockets
Initials embroidered inside the jacket, dresses of ceremony, of the vests tail coats and tails of magpie.
buttonholes "tailors" to the sleeves
6 choices of surpiqûres
Belt antiglisse in pants of the ceremony dresses, vests tail coats and tails of magpie for a better maintenance of your shirt
Choice of passersby and the dubbing of the trousers
What delays for the dresses of ceremony, vests tail coats or coattail?
The shirts are delivered three weeks after the validation of the order.
The costumes, dresses of ceremony, the vests tail coats or coattail, jackets, pants and vest are available for fitting three weeks after the order and an adviser Fred & Alfred warns you as soon as the dresses of ceremony are ready.
A supplementary delay of about 1 month is to plan for the frock coats, dresses of ceremony, the vests tail coats or coattail and holdings intended to the ceremonies.

What length for my sleeves?
The sleeve of shirt must cover the joint with the wrist and must reach the basis of the inch. The cuff must be narrow enough not to slip too forward on the hand. The sleeve of his/her/its frock coats, dresses of ceremony, his/her/its vest tail coat or his/her/its coattail is the good length when the cuff of shirt passes 1 centimeter.
What height for my collars?
The height of the shirt collar varies with the styles; it is however imperative that the tips of the collar rest on the shirt whatever is the movement of the head and the thickness of the tie. The collar of the frock coats, dresses of ceremony, vests tail coats or coattail must not cover entirely the collar with the shirt and must leave in the back 1 obvious cm.
The Blazer?
One tells that the captain of the HMS made prepare the frock coats, dresses of ceremony, jackets and vests tail coats or coattail of his/her/its crew before one visit of queen Victoria in 1837. He/it would have made put buttons made of brass on the vest coattail to stop his/her/its men from blowing in their sleeves.

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