feathers_ostrich_hats_musketeer !
feathers_ostrich_hats_musketeer !
feathers_ostrich_hats_musketeer !
feathers_ostrich_hats_musketeer !

Sales of theatrical clothes and disguises (jabot shirts with or without lace, cape, hats, wigs and Venetian masks, vests and old trousers) for all public, weddings, fancy dress, costumers, and public spectacles.

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The body of the musketeers of the military house of the king of France has been created in 1622 when king Louis XIII endowed with muskets (weapon of infantry) a company of chevau-light of the Care as named carabins (light cavalry), she even created by his/her/its father, Henri IV. Of 1622 to 1629, the musketeers are dependent on the captain-lieutenant of the horse-light. In 1622, the first among them was Jean of Bérard of Montalet. In 1634, the king makes it captain of the company of the musketeers, leaving the efficient command to the sieur of Troisville
The musketeers are recruited solely among the gentilshommes having served already in the Care. The passage to the musketeers is a promotion
These musketeers had the particularity to fight indifferently on foot or on horseback.
Mazarin, hardly appreciating the king's turbulent musketeers, made their company dissolve in 1646
the company of the cardinal's musketeers passed to king Louis XIV. She/it was reorganized on the model of the first company in 1664 and received the "gray musketeer nickname due to the dress of his/her/its horses, whereas the second company was called" black musketeers ".
Indeed the musketeers were one of the most prestigious military bodies of kingdom
In 1776, the musketeers were suppressed for reasons of economy by Louis XVI. Reformed in 1789, they were suppressed shortly after.
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