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A trousers is a garment carried on the bottom part of the body, the two legs being covered separately.
He/it owes his/its name to the one of the character of Commedia dell'arte, Trousers whose costume includes these typical long panties.
In slang: falzar, fendard (Geneva), futal (or was'), frock,

Types of Pants [to modify] Trousers is a character marks the commedia structural dell'arte a long panties. Although the character's dress was originally sticky and red, the word trousers designates all sorts of long panties currently.
The character of Trousers is citizen of Venice, his/her/its name-same mark his/her/its adherence vénicienne. Trousers drifts indeed of" Pianta Leone ", plant the lion. In reference to the véniciens that wanted to conquer new earth for republic of Venice, and that planted the flag of Saint Marc illustrated by a lion, emblem of Venice, there.
Description of Carlo Goldoni: "The black dress and the cap of wool are again in use in Venice, and the red vest and the panties cut in underpants, the low reds and the slippers, represent to the natural the clothing of the first inhabitants of the Adriatic lagoons; and the beard, that made the adornment of the men, in these remote centuries, has been charged and ridiculed in the last time. "

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