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On the occasion of the bicentennial of the battles of Jena and Auerstedt, taken back respectively by Napoléon and marshal Davout on Prussia (Oct. 14 1806), our German neighbors called on 1500 reconstitueurs in weapons come of twenty nations. In a high semblance in color, the battle replayed itself under the eyes of the prince Charles Napoléon and several thousands of spectators. The event was broadcasted in direct on the television, on the MDR chain. To see the videos on the forum.
MARBOT: 2. | Impatience year XII
The second volume of the adventures of Marcellin Marbot in a group drawn has just appeared. A shy expedition in Portugal doesn't satiate Marcellin, that bubbles. Still full of hope, he/it must hold good, in spite of serious relational difficulties with his/her/its superior. Blissfully, Bonaparte's coronation in Napoléon Ier, open him new perspectives..
Napoléon's big victories
Lodi, Rivoli, Aboukir, Marengo, Austerlitz, Jena, Wagram, etc., all these battles taken back by the general Bonaparte, then by Napoléon become emperor, have been immortalized by the painters of the 19th century. Consistent of a brief historic recall, discover them in the gallery.
Napoléon radio
And now, the emperor of the waves...
This new media entirely dedicated to Napoléon and the First Empire has just been put on line on the internet, on the initiative of the Editions Arcades.
Napoléon's army by Vincent Bourgeot
The R. collection and J. Brunon of the museum of the Empéri
"The reading of the book that we don't propose you today will be, it, that pure happiness, while forgetting for one moment exhaustiveness, the laws and the military regulations.


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