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conceal custom is the specialist of the mask Paris has and in the world.Don't hesitate to consult our superb collection of mask and masks Venice of.Welcome one the site of the Published of the Mask!
Since 1927 and heart all, the Mask represents this famous yellow cover scratched of the logo of the mask and the feather... Today the house evolves, and without losing his / her / its identity, the Mask proposes the dynamic collections and new covers. Thriller, novel of investigating however historic detective novel (with the Labyrinths collection), discover the actuality of the Mask quickly! Good reading 1927... birth of the first of the French civilizes collections. The Mask imposes itself quickly by his / her / its quality and his / her / its diversity. Under his / her / its stamp of "collection of novels of adventures", appear all bigger French however foreign authors: Véry, Steeman, Boileau, Narcejac, Christie, Carr, etc...), and in all kinds (adventure, spying, enigma pure and same anticipation!). Then, with the passing of the decades, the Mask becomes, with Agatha Christie Exbrayat and, the archetype of the enigma novel, the symbol of the kind.
In the beginning of the years 80, the Hand sets of the Detective novel and Queens of the Crime, who first of all haggard heart object the repetition of the masterpieces of the big time, widen little by little their subject: after having made rediscover some authors ace Paul Gerrard and Fred Kassak, welcomed besides all classics of John Dickson Carr most his / her / its unpublished works, thesis two sets are himself open to all kinds and all big names of the contemporary civilizes literature: Paul Halter, Reginald Hill, Peter Lovesey, Ruth Rendell....
In the same way, the years 90 see the creation of the Integrals and the Big Formats of the Mask that lands to the beaches of the thriller, the big historic novel however the spying.

Of Serge Brussolo in Patricia Cornwell, while passing by Andrea Japp and Philipp Kerr, Valley Mc Dermid and Lynda Plante Her, the Editions of the Mask cover the whole specter with the criminal novel, while bringing to the kind of new readers.
2003 at the hour of the net, The Mask stays the most important detective novel publisher in France, and this venerable doyenne, reference of the kind entirely, has again of beautiful days before it...
To manufacture a mask

The creation of a mask is as passionate as simple. The masks can be decorative, such of the African, or playful (mask of Halloween, of carnival) masks. All is in the detail brought to the object!
To make a mask, you will need the material next one:

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